Accounting Services for Individuals, Trusts and Estates

Individual, Estate & Trusts Accounting ServicesDouglas R. Leatham, Certified Public Accountant can help chart the path for our private clients. You can turn to us for tax and financial planning services, investment advice, estate planning, and more. Our goal is to minimize tax liabilities, maximize your income and properly manage financial holdings. We take pride in our ability to provide professional, personalized services to meet the needs of each and every client no matter what their needs are.

You can count on us for reliable, accurate and caring service.

Our services for individuals, trusts and estates include:


  • Income tax return preparation and tax planning:
    We can assist individuals in tax planning and preparation of the following types of income tax returns:

    • Income tax returns
    • Gift tax returns
    • Estate tax returns
    • Trust tax returns

    Tax planning is important not only to reduce your tax liabilities, but also to provide some assurance that your financial resources with adequately support your standard of living for the rest of your life.

    We can help you make financial decisions which are the most beneficial tax-wise, and can improve your cash flow and help you achieve other financial and non-financial goals at the same time. We can guide you through our complex and ever-changing federal and state tax laws. We make it a priority to stay up-to-date with ever-changing tax laws through frequent tax training.Our goal is to be proactive, always looking for the best tax strategies for our clients.

  • Personal financial statements:
    We can help you with preparation of personal financial statements or other documents, in the event a bank or other interested party requires them for financing purposes.  
  • Representation before tax authorities:
    We can represent you before IRS and Mass DOR in the event you are notified of being audited by either of these agencies.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or to inquire about a complementary consultation.